Agile Cloud Infrastructure and APIs

Cloud-Native architecture super charges your frontend customer experience by empowering cross-functional Agile teams to rapidly deliver and measure value leaping over organizational barriers and infrastructure dysfunctions.
Is your marketing cloud investment creating bottlenecks, limiting delivery, or providing less business value than expected?

Keeping your head in the clouds

  • A critical step in your digital transformation allowing for true data ubiquity and getting closer to customer
  • Offload time-consuming concerns from your team to the Cloud provider, enabling agile full-stack teams to provision sophisticated infrastructure as code & eliminating the typical tickets for requests to IT that take months to complete
  • Gain effective DevOps and DesignOps
  • Unleash modern frontend development with the vast array of Cloud Native services accessible with minimal cost and risk
The net results are teams focused on solving for customer-led needs at speed. The advent of modern cloud combined with design systems creates the supply chain for modern customer experiences.
Understand both the benefits and misconceptions of adopting Cloud Native
Enable better communication between the frontend system and backend server
Learn what each of these services can do and when to use them. Presented at the Toronto Cloud Native Development Meetup.

Cloud-Native technology can address these common challenges:

  • Delivery teams blocked by IT processes
  • Long-running cycles to build the backend infrastructure
  • Quality issues resulting from different backend environments
  • Frontend teams are siloed and often blocked by the backend
  • Delivery teams blocked and missing deadlines
  • Infrastructure costs are too high

How Rangle can help

Rangle has spent the last 5 years leveraging the cloud as a foundation for rapid delivery of customer-experience and has a Cloud consulting practice that accelerates CX-led transformations, rather than hindering them. Rangle can help by:
  • Accelerating your Customer Experience
  • Partnering to build a global customer experience architecture
  • Migrate your tech stack to modern Cloud-Native
 while upskilling your team
Write down the necessary infrastructure as code with Terraform to host a frontend app in AWS
Your choice impacts your clients and your internal teams, both today and in the future

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