Figma enables your design team

We help our clients get the full value from Figma, and scale their design system practice at the same time. Figma's market-leading technology allows for unprecidented collaboration, both within your design team and your cross-functional teams, such as engineering and IT, brand and marketing, and product management. Watch designs come together in real-time, and communicate directly in the tool.

How Rangle's partnership with Figma benefits our clients:

  • We provide in-depth education on Figma's platform 
  • Design system builds and audits  
  • Consult on Figma best practices for a smooth implementation  
  • Work directly with your design team to create UX/UI and visual assets  
  • Coach your teams to bridge the gap between design and development, using Figma's enabling technology

Let's talk about what we can do for you

Our design systems expertise

A design system is a tool and a framework that your company can use to streamline collaboration between all the teams who have input into your products and services, including product, brand and marketing, quality, design and development.

Enabling DesignOps

We're experts in merging DesignOps processes with DevOps processes to get your designers and developers working together in harmony. Figma's tool enables practical collaboration within your product teams, and streamlines communication and the co-creation process to get your product pipeline moving faster.

Rangle's design system accelerator

Our Radius design system is an open-source toolkit and component library that allows companies to accelerate their design system build. Radius removes the guesswork from building a design system, reducing the risk and effort required to to get started. 

Building a new design system from scratch isn't easy, but with Rangle’s expertise and Figma’s unmatched tool, companies can start building an app today with a high quality, fully-tested stack, eliminating much of the technical and tooling decision making. The design kit is built and maintained in Figma.

Other ways Rangle can help

Digital strategy

We help validate business solutions, remove roadblocks, and identify opportunities. In partnership, Rangle works to achieve business agility, shorten time to market, and plan a successful experience. Our experts help define, validate, and analyze opportunities prior to making major investments.

Front-end development

Rangle is known as the champion of modern JavaScript, including Angular, React, and Vue. Our developers are at the top of their game, delivering robust front-end development with high quality architecture, code, user experience, and overall functionality. We hold ourselves accountable and quality is non-negotiable.

UX & Visual Design

When done right, great UX is invisible, just like great code. Empathy wins over ego when you’re designing the right thing. Our steadfast UX and visual designers tap into user insights to ensure we build validated products that provide exceptional experiences and results.

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