Artificial intelligence

Grow your business through Smart Experiences.
37% of organizations have already deployed Artificial Intelligence in some form, with AI adoption growing by 270% over the past four years.
Gartner Research, 2019

Putting intelligence to work

The digital world is rapidly evolving. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining what it means to build software, and resetting expectations for user experience. Rangle helps you discover and deploy valuable AI capabilities quickly and efficiently.
Increase Engagement
Relevance equals retention. Deploy personalized content, offers, features, or services that are better tailored to individual user interests, goals, and tastes. Make your brand, their brand.
Simplify and Enhance
Level up your customer or employee experience. Help users achieve their goals faster with a UI that automates tedious tasks and guides them efficiently through their journey.
Learn and adapt

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Helping you succeed at any stage of your AI journey

Our clients range from multibillion-dollar healthcare companies deploying AI across an ecosystem of products, to startups launching their first proof-of-concept. No matter your need, our cross-functional team has got you covered.  
  • Roadmapping
  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Launching prototypes
  • Productionizing models
  • Integrating with existing products
  • Overcoming internal change barriers
In just 12 days, we created an AI-enabled, functional demo that helped this startup secure $250k in pre-seed funding.

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Drive valuable outcomes

Whether you’re looking to grow your market share, boost your employee experience, or achieve better data-driven decision making, we help you leverage the right technology to meet your business needs.
Engaging Customer Experiences
Today’s competitive digital markets are won on user experience. We’ll help you captivate your users through compelling experiences that adapt to their changing needs and tastes. Delight and surprise users through personalized content, workflow shortcuts, contextualized responses to images or text, and seamless natural-language voice and text interfaces.
Employee Enablement
Adding a layer of intelligence to existing workflows helps your employees work more effectively to deliver higher value to clients, all while eliminating tedious tasks. Accelerate workflows related to data entry and paperwork. Multiply your team’s capacity to provide omnichannel customer support. Create self-service portals to advise employees on next-best-actions by leveraging past data through analytics and predictive models.
Smarter business decisions
Extract value from data by turning it into actionable insights that drive business outcomes. Increase customer lifetime values by predicting churn and upsell rates and responding proactively at scale. Decrease cost by optimizing your inventory, supply chain, or equipment maintenance based on forecasting. Respond faster and more intelligently than competitors through earlier detection of market changes and shifts in user needs.

Smart experiences

Rangle leverages AI to create unique customer experiences to help you achieve goals faster, and surprise and delight users. Our digital products improve over time, learning from users and adapting to user behavior to continually improve the experience.

Intelligent automation

AI can elevate humans through intelligent workflow automation, freeing them up to focus on strategic and creative tasks that provide value. Rangle creates AI solutions that integrate with your existing workflows to save you time, money, and resources.

AI roadmap

Rangle helps you develop a user-focused AI roadmap that shows value quickly. Ground your AI roadmap by addressing both short-term incremental improvements and long-term moonshot plans. Rangle will partner to help launch and learn from AI pilots and POCs, helping you move forward continuously and iteratively.

Machine Learning Ops

Build and deploy your AI solutions rapidly and with confidence. Rangle uses its proven Agile software engineering practices to help you innovate faster and more efficiently. We partner with you to help you deploy, manage, monitor, and integrate AI models into your applications and products so that they scale and improve continuously.

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