Beyond the Design System: Merging Data and Composable Experiences

Andrew Kumar, Director of Platform Strategy at Contentful, and Bertrand Karerangabo, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Rangle are in-conversation for a wide-ranging look at CMS platforms—where they’ve come from, where they’re going, and how to deliver top value to your digital customers now.  

In their conversation, Andrew and Bertrand cover the pain points brands are facing today with their CMS platforms, and what they currently do with their headless CMS to address these issues. They cover integration of design systems, and the possibilities of micro frontends. Then, they dive into what the future will look like: What’s coming for content platforms, what could and should be possible, and what you can do to prepare for it now.  

The discussion is tailored for businesses interested in composable commerce, and making building experiences easy and flexible for marketing and merchandising professionals.

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Bertrand Karerangabo

Bertrand Karerangabo is Rangle’s Vice President of Digital Strategy. A computer enthusiast from a young age, his first professional experience with web development was in 2006, creating a lightweight CRM using Ruby on Rails for his dentist. Now, Bertrand leads Rangle’s client advisory services, providing expert consulting on technology strategy and emerging tech to clients of all sizes. An eternal student and accomplished musician, outside of Rangle Bertrand is rarely without a book in his hand.

Andrew Kumar

Andrew Kumar is Contentful's Director of Platform Strategy, and a global leader of high-performing and diverse digital teams. He has a 20-year track record in technology, marketing, commerce, and content, and has led nearly 50 digital product, application, and experience builds leveraging Contentful, in both customer and consulting roles. Currently, Andrew's current role supports teams tackling the most complex quality and scaling challenges.


Kaitlin Green

Kaitlin Green is a Partner Manager at Contentful. She leads the Strategic Partnership relationship between Contentful and Rangle, and has over 14 years experience in technology, sales, operations and digital transformation. Currently, Kaitlin supports a portfolio of Contentful's leading partners including SIs, design agencies, and engineering shops, as they develop and scale best in breed digital experiences for our mutual customers.

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