Customer Experience Ops

Customer Experience Ops (CX Ops) enables you to achieve extraordinary results from your digital transformation. It focuses efforts and resources on delivering impactful customer experiences on a faster go-to-market timeline.
With an end-to-end view of business processes for customer value creation, CX Ops moves your organization away from spending on “random acts of digital” to investments that:
  • are noticed and benefit customers
  • overcome organizational hurdles to rapid delivery of customer experiences
  • allow for rapid feedback synthesis of insights from customers

CX-lead prioritization of investment

The problem: Money wasted on projects that don’t work


Expansive organization-wide transformations typically start with operational processes efficiencies. These may improve profitability but are unlikely to make a dent in customer satisfaction or loyalty.


Focus the transformation on the customer experience by starting with customer-oriented applications.
  • Jobs-to-done
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Agile Product Strategy

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Scaled agile delivery of customer experiences

The problem: Missed deadlines and poor quality customer experience


Silos block the type of collaboration needed to create value for customers. Delivery is stuck due to the number of handoffs and approvals required to move a concept from strategy to measurable experience.


Build cross-functional Agile teams and empower them by creating efficiencies through automation and identifying and removing blockers.

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Measurement of impact

The problem: Lack of clarity into goals and progress of transformation


Expansive organizational-wide transformations may improve profitability - but it's unlikely to make a dent in customer satisfaction or loyalty. While beneficial, streamlined operational processes are not enough


Measure the effectiveness and impact of customer experience efforts, not proxies
You’re looking to optimize for growth. What should you build and measure?

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