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Many of the world’s top performing companies are struggling to create value for customers in our digital-first world. Being customer-obsessed in this market means that it’s time to get serious about developing the technological capabilities to anticipate the needs of your audience, adapt and evolve with the market, and win on customer experience.

How digital transformation can generate a competitive advantage

Rangle CEO, Nick Van Weerdenburg, talks to Millennium Alliance about demystifying what Digital Transformation means for businesses, with 4 key takeaways for executives planning their digital transformation.  
  1. What every executive should know about digital transformation  
  2. How to create an appetite for healthy risk in your organization  
  3. The role culture plays in ensuring a successful digital transformation  
The Better Way: Transformation principles for the real world
Our new ebook resource with practical, actionable guidance for your organization's digital transformation

Rangle’s six principles of transformation

Rangle’s micro-transformation model

Core Components

Assemble Cross Functional Coalitions and Pods
Cross-functional teams, called “coalitions”, pair with a line of business to form a reinvention hypothesis, scale and integrate their solution, and cement the “new normal” in a three-phase process.
Create an Immersive Working Environment
During an immersion cycle, coaches join with coalitions and pods to help them define and meet their intended outcomes, using two week challenges.
Implement the Starter Kata
Implementing a rapid change cycle, coaches map the current pattern of operation, and teams define the desired pattern of operation. They move together towards the target in a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.
Thin-slice the Transformation
Dividing the work into a series of micro-goals designed to deliver real customer value, the team can simultaneously test the values, principles and practices of the end goal state in a real-world context.
The micro-transformation handbook
An 18 month no-fail approach to digital transformation