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New composable platforms are impacting the state of business and customer experience in every way. These platforms are an evolution of a growing trend towards microservices and API-powered data flow.   

This is the future of digital business and these are areas where we're world-class and can help.


Composable Digital Experience Platform

The trend toward composable DxPs is gaining momentum. Many of the foundational elements may already be on your company's roadmap.

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DxP platform initiatives you may already have in place

The components of a composable DxP are anchored in modern technology choices and key technology trends are expanded on below.

Headless CMS

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Design Systems

Digital Transformation

Customer Experience Ops

Agile Cloud and APIs

Modern Frontend Development


We are living through a global entrepreneurial renaissance enabled by software. We have decades of experience helping companies launch, evolve, and innovate in-market with real customers.

Our work extends beyond technology choices and is anchored around shipping and learning in-market through iterative product development.

In complex markets,


New Product Development

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Software as a Medical Device

Disruptive Innovation

Artificial Intelligence

Rangle gave us permission to prioritize the customer because true innovation is anchored by the customer…and how we drive better experiences for them.

Lance Martel, CIO, Staples Canada