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Backed with years of expertise, Ranglers share about using React, Angular, and other frontend tools to tackle even the most complex enterprise challenges. Check back often for regular updates with our latest insights.
With a goal to acquire more users, a mobile app let Borrowell meet customers where they are.
This book will cover the most important Angular topics, from getting started with the Angular toolchain to writing Angular applications in a scalable and maintainable manner
Pick the CMS that fits your business and increases ROI

Our tools

Tools created by Rangle to help make your development process easier and faster. It's our way of sharing and growing with the tech community.
Angular Augury
A Developer Tool extension maintained by Google and that helps you visualize the application through component trees, and visual debugging tools
Performance Profiler
An angular plugin that help tune the performance of your applications by providing insights into change detection & instability periods
Redux Beacon
A lightweight analytics integration for Redux and ngrx/store that works with any frontend frameworks and integrates with any analytics tools

Fundamental Modern JS

Steps and considerations for a successful migration process
Forms, like death and taxes, are one of the unavoidable aspects of web development
How to create and visualize a higher-order observable in an enterprise project
Handle dynamic components with API responses, user and application states in Vue.js


Get to products and ideas to market faster by embracing what DevOps has to offer
Easily set up builds and automatic signing with React Native
Build a continuous pipeline that ensure automatic code linting, unit tests, build step, and even E2E tests
If I told you that you could provision the necessary infrastructure for your frontend application by running two commands, would you believe me?
Within an hour or less, create a highly available and fault-tolerant architecture for deploying a Node.js application
Frontend technology can address these common challenges:
  1. Are your delivery teams blocked and missing deadlines?
  2. Do you lack clarity into your team’s progress?
  3. Are you constantly delivering late to market or with poor quality?
  4. Do your internal team members spend 6+ months learning frontend?
Rangle can help:
  1. Accelerate your Frontend teams
  2. Seamlessly connect you with an innovation team to build a product or app
  3. Build to a global customer experience architecture
  4. Migrate your stack to modern web architecture
 while upskilling your team

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