Headless CMS: Allowing marketing teams to move at the speed of the market through composable content

Unblocking your marketing, merchandising and content creation teams is essential for digital commerce companies to move at the speed of the market.  

Taking days to launch new experiences leaves money on the table. With a headless CMS solution, your content teams are never blocked in their efforts to respond to your customer by a lengthy update process involving design and development.  

Be responsive to the market. Create personalized, adaptable experiences that are available on your customer’s schedule.
Serve your customer, not your technology platform.
In 20 days, we created a scalable front-end architecture capable of launching new products and services in mere hours.
When is an investment in a headless approach worth it? What are the trade-offs? What do teams need to successfully adopt a headless CMS?

Why Rangle?

We’re obsessed with great digital customer experiences. Our experience in headless CMS migrations and integrations for companies in retail, financial services and healthcare means that we know how to design and build a solution that fits your unique business context for fast, easy brand experience creation.

Ready for your headless CMS?  
So are we.

Engineers are expensive, and their time is better spent on bigger things.  
The investment in headless pays off in:
  • Engineers working on business-critical projects, not content updates
  • Marketers can do their jobs faster and more effectively
  • Personalization, testing and experimentation become the norm, not special initiatives
  • Marketers have more opportunities to engage with customers
  • Content creators, engineers and designers enjoy better job satisfaction