Our partnership model

Here’s what to expect when you choose deep partnership with a full-scale delivery and innovation consultancy.

Identify value

We’ll help you identify your current strengths and areas for growth. Rather than focusing on a single solution, we understand where we can bring the most value, working with you on a long term set of solutions that have the greatest impact.
  • Start with a free, Rangle-run value assessment workshop
  • Use our Rangle Toolkit to assess your needs

Begin immersion

Our discovery model allows us to be as lean, nimble and thorough as possible. We start with what you have: Tooling, documents and people, and add only as much as you need to turn your ideas into action.
  • Our Discovery process typically runs 2 to 8 days
  • Discovery starts with documentation collection to avoid redundant work efforts

Assemble the right team

Create a new team or supplement our experts with yours. We work cross-functionally, upskilling your people and delivering on projects at the same time.
  • Co-location: our team can come to you or vice versa
  • We assess and staff based on the engagement needs, avoid team bloat
  • Our flexible and collaborative teams help break down silos

Optimize delivery

Accelerate your time to market for the long term with Rangle’s approach to quality. Our proven workflow makes you faster, more agile and truly innovative.
  • True Agile: we are a leader in Agile coaching and company transformation
  • Lean strategy: ad hoc Discovery is part of our ongoing strategic process
  • We prioritize quality with short sprints and continuous delivery
  • We routinely conduct usability testing as we design and deliver

Set your team up for success

At the end of the engagement, your solution belongs to you. We’re experts in hand-off and knowledge transfer. You’ll own all the tools, platforms and documentation to build your path to future success.
  • Staggered roll off: end the engagement on your schedule
  • Centralized documentation and access; we’ll use your instances of JIRA, Confluence, Figma, InVision, etc.
  • Measurement, tracking tools and analytics, are set in place to track success over time

FAQs about partnering with Rangle

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