How Borrowell went mobile with a best-in-class app

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  • 4.8/5 rating in the App Store, with 13.5k total reviews
  • A top-rated finance app in the App Store and Google Play
  • Over 100k downloads in Google Play

The challenge

Borrowell provides members with easy access to their credit history, with the website acting as the sole source of traffic for monitoring credit profiles. Since 75% of traffic to their site was from mobile devices, Borrowell knew they needed a world-class mobile application to compete with other providers in their category. They also needed the capability to integrate upcoming digital services within the mobile platform.

The process

In the initial phase, the Borrowell Product Team partnered with Rangle team members. Leveraging Rangle Go methodology, they worked together to discover, document, and understand the unique business needs. Functioning as a single team, they assessed the audience makeup, branding, and analysis of competitors in the market.
Above: Our research and design teams mapped out a series of flows that would support a connected system of action pathways for members.

How we did it

Armed with a deep understanding of the business ecosystem and customer needs, the cross-functional team of engineers and designers collaborated on delivering the application. With the foundation of knowledge in place, the team drafted a plan to create a design language that would support the Visual Design standards for the new app experience. At the same time, they mapped the overall functionality and use cases for an accessible, best-in-class app that made the user’s needs the top priority.

During the process, the team implemented continuous testing, rapid delivery cycles, and a focus on designing and developing for accessibility, to make sure the largest possible audience could access and use the app.
Above: We designed wireframes and mockups to illustrate the overall functionality and usage of the app. Right: The team worked in the client's office to facilitate efficient learning and seamless collaboration
Above: Post-discovery, our team worked with the client to define a design language that would evolve the current Visual Design standards of the website to a best-in-class mobile app experience.

The outcome

Through the partnership and cross-functionality, Borrowell and Rangle formed a single team that delivered a tactical design strategy focused on the app user, without sacrificing the needs of the business.
The simple and modern credit profile service experience is now available to iOS and Android users, with features including:

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