How Invesco Enriches the Advisor-Client Experience with advisorDUO™

Investment management
Spring 2017 - Fall 2018
Rangle Toronto


  • Streamlined maintenance with a single, brandable codebase, removing multiple repositories.
  • App created with industry-leading accessibility best practices.
  • Agile leadership training ensured fast delivery for future updates and project scaling.

The challenge

Invesco is an independent investment management firm with an innovative and client-centric approach. Their goal was to help their partner dealerships switch from manually onboarding new investors to using a digital tool with an easy-to-understand interface. In an effort to establish their organization as an industry leader, they partnered with Rangle to build this modern digital solution.

The tech

advisorDUO™ is a white-label application for the wealth management industry. It makes onboarding new investors a simple process for investment representatives, who can focus their time on building client relationships instead of filling out paperwork. Keeping the solution white label allows partner investment dealerships to use their own branding. Centralizing the codebase made updating the app simple for Invesco developers.

The process

Invesco’s goal was to enable investment advisors to provide premium wealth management services to their clients. Achieving it required partnering with a technology company that could understand and optimize the advisor-client experience. The application needed to give advice through an easy-to-use digital interface that freed the time of both advisors and clients to focus on decision-making and larger investment questions.
Invesco partnered with Rangle because we offered a modern Javascript technology stack, and could recommend the optimal framework for building their app. Using Angular, our team was able to not only build the experience-focused app, but also train the Invesco team on the Angular framework and in Agile delivery processes. Working together, Rangle and Invesco released an MVP using the Agile rapid delivery model, and then created a fully-compliant investment onboarding product.
The Rangle-Invesco team built each element of the app with a component library. This allowed for a cohesive experience both in building and consuming the app, easy to brand as needed for Invesco partners. The library was also built with accessibility best practices in place to ensure a wide audience could easily use the app.

The outcome

With a white label application, Invesco is able to uniquely configure advisorDUO™ for each dealership. The brandable component library allows also for scaling the product while maintaining consistency and reducing the likelihood of technical debt. Finally, with training in Agile practices, their team can deliver new iterations quickly and without sacrificing quality.

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