People-centered innovation podcast

Rangle's newest podcast series explores the intersection of people and technology.  

People-Centered Innovation puts the spotlight on leaders in digital to share their perspectives, their innovative work, and their advice.  

This series of mini podcast episodes are designed to make you think, spark conversation, and get you seeing tech in a broader way.
Episode 1: Johnny Russo
How one company's explosive growth during the pandemic put its digital transformation way ahead of schedule.
Episode 2: Stacey Louie
The lowdown on what’s new in Agile—including the details on the new edition of The Scrum Guide.
Episode 3: Diana Olusanmi
Removing the “black box” of fertility with an AI-powered assessment of egg quality and viability.
Episode 4: Myron Parks
Building agility in the enterprise by focusing on the individual
Episode 5: Ken Poon
Parents: Make your household 15% more peaceful by using Scrum at home
Full video recordings of each episode of People-Centered Innovation are available on our YouTube channel.
To listen to previous seasons of Rangle's podcast, please see the Podcast Archive.