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Use Rangle Go to validate your idea in market, where it really counts, with a Proof-of-Concept in just 6 weeks
Rangle Go brings you from the definition of a business challenge or problem to the delivery of a Proof of Concept (POC) for a solution that is a measurable indicator for its feasibility, desirability and viability.

Build on a customer experience foundation, Rangle Go removes risk, drives alignment, and validates new areas of value.

Ready, Set, Go

Our traction-first approach to go from idea to scale

We are living through a global entrepreneurial renaissance. Today, it is cheaper and easier than ever to build a product, which means that there are many more people “starting up” all over the world. While this explosion in startup activity represents an incredible opportunity for all of us, it comes with a dark cloud: more products translates to more choices for both investors and customers, making it harder to stand out.
Customers today are constantly bombarded with a multitude of product choices. When customers encounter a half-baked product, they don’t turn into beta testers and give you feedback; they leave. Without customer feedback it’s too easy to fall prey to the “build trap,” where a breakthrough always seems one killer feature away but remains ever elusive. You end up spending needless time, money, and effort building something nobody wants, until you run out of resources.
Investors, meanwhile, don’t value intellectual property, but traction. Traction isn’t about being first to market, but first to market adoption. Traction is evidence that people other than yourself, your team, and your mom care about your idea—aka customers. More importantly, traction is evidence of a working business model.

Rangle's experience in executing the POC process helps organizations who are:

  • Struggling to obtain buy-in for digital products
  • Burdened by overbuilt software due to lack of validation and incremental delivery
  • Late to market with digital solutions due to lack of alignment and misguided prioritization
  • Investing in data-lakes and analytics tools for insights that disappear into the sea of opinion and complexity

The impact of Rangle Go POCs for our partners

With a goal to acquire more users, a mobile app let Borrowell meet customers where they are.
Our POC helped this startup secure $250k in pre-seed funding for their infant language monitoring app.

Rangle Go is a proven process that we have executed over and over again. It’s a series of steps supported by a pre-built team and delivers a predictable outcome in 6 short weeks.

A POC built and deployed the right way will:

  • Accelerate your strategic initiatives and foster innovation
  • Encourage change management and generate stakeholder buy-in
  • Realize early value creation and idea validation
  • Demonstrate what’s possible and create excitement
  • Solve a key problem by creating an initial solution and roadmap for the complete solution