Retail Hub

eCommerce sites lose almost half of their potential sales because users cannot navigate the site. By improving the customer experience, the average retail site could increase sales by 79%.
Pair that with missed deadlines, siloed design and development teams, and capability limitations - retailers are facing some daunting challenges. It's time to overcome the organizational hurdles to rapidly deliver better customer experiences.

With pressure to deliver outstanding digital customer experiences, retailers are facing digital challenges such as:

  • Improving time-to-market for customer-focused web and mobile applications
  • Reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing average order value
  • Building consistent, branded experiences across all regions and touchpoints
  • Inventory management and order fulfillment tooling

Case studies

Rangle partnered with Staples to provide better user experiences for both customers and store employees
Rangle is a certified Stripe partner, ready to Consult on Stripe APIs best practices for a smooth integration

Rangle partners with retail organizations to scale, innovate and apply data insights that are key to overcoming the biggest challenges ecommerce companies face today.

Our highly skilled teams help you to deliver effective solutions to complex challenges affecting your business, putting your customer first and showing results fast. Rangle can help:
  • Deliver in 8 weeks what you used to build in 8 months
  • Accelerate and scale your digital process as demanded by the new digital economy
  • Consult and apply proven expertise to your design system project, including UX design, frontend development, governance and adoption