Composable Digital Experience Platforms: Evolving Digital CX at the Speed of Business

Are your marketing and content teams getting blocked by IT resources? In today's dynamic market, business operators (e.g. marketing, merchandising, content creators) need to be able to respond to opportunities with new ideas, run experiments, and gather customer feedback to grow their businesses.

But for meaningful updates they have to wait for busy and expensive engineering resources to go live or they're completlety blocked by the limitations of the platform.


Beyond the Design System: Merging Data and Composable Experiences

Bertrand Karerangabo, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Rangle in-conversation on a wide-ranging look at CMS platforms—where they’ve come from, where they’re going, and how to deliver top value to your digital customers now.

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The industry shift from monolith to composable is happening now!

Customer experience demands have moved a company's technologies away from single-channel monolithic suites to multi-channel API-connected stacks. This change helps companies meet customers where they are, but the operator experience has been left behind and bottlenecked by development resources.

New API-first best-in-class tools have emerged over the last five years and are significantly altering the dynamic for early adopter companies. These tools and architectural choices combine to form a digital experience platform or DxP.

Digital experience platforms are changing how teams work behind the scenes, empowering them to deliver on-brand and personalized experiences at scale with technology team-approved solutions.

The trend toward composable DxPs is gaining momentum with many of the foundational elements already likely on your company's roadmap.



DxP migrations are already happening at companies where the digital experience matters

Early adopters of composable DxP architecture are already seeing the value of unconstrained operations teams, custom workflows, and best-in-class tooling. They're delivering amazing employee and customer experiences and this snowballs into a tangible competitive advantage that makes the difference between industry leaders and those struggling to keep up.

Staples in-store digital kiosks

Reducing the launch time of a re-branded and re-imagined in-store digital kiosks experience by 4+ months.

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hims & hers one month to new market

A scalable digital healthcare platform only in 1 month

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